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Brawley is a community consisting of approximately twenty thousand people. The city is located in the center of the Imperial Valley and is 119 feet below sea level. State highways 111, 86, and 78 all intersect in Brawley. Mexico's border is 25 miles to the south and San Diego is 120 miles to the west.

Brawley's features include; a lighted class B baseball park, 13 public parks, an acoustically correct auditorium, a sizeable industrial park, a municipal airport, a world class rodeo arena, and an Olympic size swimming pool. All of these features are operated and funded by the City of Brawley and or the Brawley School Districts.

Brawley also has an 18 hole golf course which features a large club house and tennis courts. Three lakes are located within fifteen minutes of town and the sand dunes are just twenty minutes away.

The winter climate in Brawley is some of the best in the country. Average daily temperatures are in the 70's all winter long. Average annual rainfall is around 2 inches per year.

Water and Power services are provided by the Imperial Irrigation District. Water from the Colorado River is sent via canals to Brawley's water treatment plants. The city supplies the water to some of the most gorgeous neighborhoods in the county.

We hope you enjoy your visit. Please make plans to come again.

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