Have you ever been curious about what it was like to be a soldier in the Civil War or to travel across the plains in a covered wagon with the Earp family ? If you have or if you are just a history buff, you will be interested in copies of original documents and/or diaries from the 19th Century.

Bill Osborn's family has kept Civil War documents over the years that let you relive this time in history. You can relive the day to day life, as a civil war soldier, or in a covered wagon crossing the plains. The Osborn family is making this material available to people interested in studying the past as told by original pioneers of this great nation. On file, in the Osborn archives, are the original documents listed below. Copies have been reproduced to tell the story of how it really was in the 19th Century.

Copies Of Civil War Discharges

Civil War Service Record
Corporal John Osborne - 14th Wisconsin Co. A (1862-1865) Ea. $5.25 + $1.00
-From Shiloh to Savannah

Civil War Diary
Corporal Isaac Vail - Diary from January 1, 1865 thru December 4, 1865 - 33rd Illinois Veteran Volunteer Infantry, Co. H. Ea. $15.25 + $3.00
-Great insight about camp life during the war.

Civil War Promotion
Private Issac Vail-promotion from private to coropral. Ea. $4.55 + $1.00

Civil War Book
History of the Thirty-Third Illinois Veteran Volunteer Infantry -288 pages Ea. $28.00 + $4.00
Describes the enthusiasm , patriotism, and feelings of the officers and men of the regiment and regiment movements. Written by men who were in the regiment at the time.


Assignment of War Bounty Kansas Farmland
From the widow of a war veteran ("War of 1812") to assignee and ultimately to Issac Vail. Signed by President James Buchanan.Ea. $4.55 + $1.00

Diary of Covered Wagon Trip Including the Curtis Families, the Earp Family and Young Wyatt. Diary of Jane Rousseu's covered wagon trip from Knoxville, Tenn. to San Bernadino, California. Entries from May 15, 1864 to November 17, 1864. A wonderful description of one wagon train's part in the settling of the West. This diary will put you in the camp and on the wagon. (Be aware that a few places in the transcribed copy are difficult or impossible to read.)Ea. $22.79 + $4.00

Copy of War with Spain Discharge
Private George G. Osborn-7th regiment, California Volunteers, Co. K, 1898. Ea. $5.95 + $1.00 wagon

All of the material is copied from original, authentic, documents. All copies are on paper that is color matched. The only exception is the diary of Jane Rousseu which is from a copy of the original transcribed copy.

Above documents are all ancestral related.

Corp. Vail cerca 1865 Bill Osborn Moody's Battery cerca 1997

Corporal Isaac Vail (left) is joined by his Great Grandson William Osborn (right).

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This page is dedicated to my Grandchildren to whom are great, great, greats of the Civil War Veterans (John Osborne and Isaac Vail).
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