Dixieland School

Pictured is the old Dixieland school located near the Wind and Sand Restaurant on Old Highway 80. The school taught up to the 8th grade. It closed around 1939 when it merged with the Westside School, and some of the building's materials went to construct the caretaker's house at Westside.

The Dixieland School house Dixieland was planned when an effort was made in 1909 to bring a high line canal west of the present canal on the western boundary of the irrigated area. Currently, Dixieland is the site of the Centinela State Prison which is in between Seeley and Plaster City.

George Nichols and Ira Aten were among those who promoted the townsite in the early 1900's. Although there was some construction, such as a school, a bank, a cotton gin, the town itself was never realized because of the construction of the All American Canal.

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Last update: October 19, 1997
Description compliments of Greg Moore