Those Wonderful Blues

The Navy's Blue Angels are welcomed guests to Imperial County every winter. The Blue Angel pilots are sent to the Naval Air Facility in El Centro to practice and prepare for the summer air show season. The pilots themselves take part in off-base activities such as; talking at local club functions, using the local parks and gyms for exercising, and participating in local outdoor activities.

The Blue Angels can be seen on a daily basis over the entire Imperial Valley during the months of January through March. The end of their training season marks the beginning of the air show season. Each March the Blue Angels perform a free air show for the public at the Naval Air Facility. The Navy displays many types of aircraft for the public to inspect and pilots are on hand to answer questions. The local Air Show is organized by the Naval Air Facility and the local Navy League Members. The Blue Angels are invading the Valley

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Last update: January 19, 1997