Imperial County

Imperial County has an agricultural and tourism based economy. The County is diversifying its economy to include manufacturing and technology services. A company can benefit from relocating to Imperial County because the county offers the following advantages:

Imperial County has a population of approximately 140,000 people with a median age of 29 years. There is another population source that businesses can draw from in Mexicali, Mexico. Approximately 20,000 people are able to cross the border from Mexico and legally work in the United States.

Water and Power have become big issues in the Southwestern United States. Imperial County has ample supply of both due to the operations of the Imperial Irrigation District. All water is gravity fed from the Colorado River. Power is generated by dams that are located on the Colorado River and along the All American Canal.

The County is located in Southeastern California. Directly East of San Diego and South of Los Angeles. Phoenix is less than 4 hours away to the East. Southern Pacific Railroad has access to both the county and Mexico. Local vendors have intermodal rail services to load and unload rail cars. Interstate 8 and State Highways 111 and 86 connect the County to the rest of the country and state.

Since the effort to diversify the economy. Several Enterprise Zones, Free Trade Zones, and now a new zone was just passed by the State Legislature. This zone, yet to be named, was passed with Senate Bill 200. It will allow tax exemptions for companies wanting to relocate to the area.

Imperial County is a vast open area that has many places for people to enjoy the outdoors. These include, the Glamis dunes, the Salton Sea which is the states largest inland lake, and the Laguna mountains.

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Last update: August 15, 2002