Mountain Biking the Desert

Hey Dave, this hill is Steep Sure why not? Try it you might like it. Mountain biking the desert offers a great why to get some exercise. Sure, the horsepower in the off-road trucks in the previous picture doesn't quite compare to these machines. But you can handle it.

After a good rain the best place to ride is in the dunes such as Glamis. The hills become hard pack and transform themselves into roller coasters. The rest of the year, try riding either on the west side of the county, such as Superstition Mountain or Painted Gorge. The east side is also fun, like Black Mountain or near the Colorado River.

Imperial County is an excellent place to train during the winter months. The dry climate and mild winters let you ride every day. Just ask Todd, pictured on the right, he was The California State Champion in 1996.

Hint: Contact the Finish Line Pro Bike Shop (760/353-0571) and ask to ride with somebody who already knows the area. Riding in the desert requires a different technique than the mountains.

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